Friday, July 13, 2007


I love Bob. Bob is like a german shepherd puppy who hasn't grown into his ears yet. He has one ear that flops over and one ear that stands up straight. He is another that was born from Dolores' garden of mystery shaped gourds. OF course, I love them because they make perfect piggies! He is very sweet and mild mannered and loves "jinglies" in his belly. He is still waiting for that special person to love him forever...If you are that person, you can find him on

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UPDATE: Bob has a new home! He was adopted on 8/2 by Marci (crazy huh?) in New Jersey. I know she will love him and won't regretta it a bit!!


MarciNYC said...

Oh Bob! I fell in love with him and had to 'adopt' him. Of course, I love all the other piggies too.

Simply Silly said...

YAY! I'm so happy that Bob will fit into your home so well :) I gave him a "jngly" for the trip. :) He's packed up and will be on his way tomorrow afternoon! What a cute little pom you have!